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Not in my good place right now. I seem to have misplaced 2 prepaid credit cards totaling $620.

I know where I thought I put them. They are not there now.

To the good, I haven't left the house between my remembering putting them away and my finding them missing. So they HAVE to be somewhere in the house. Or in the car, which should be home any moment now. At which time I will go out and tear the car apart, looking for them. Even though I don't think they are in the car.

I've lost my mind.

It's confirmed. I've gone starkers. The cards were in the car. I distinctly recall putting them in my wallet. And the paperwork in my back pocket.

All of it was in the car.

My memory issues are getting worse somedays.

Wind Damage

May. 8th, 2008 02:49 pm
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When I last posted, we had a pretty decent windstorm coming through. The sky turned black, the temps dropped and the trees began whipping around.

I went and napped.

When I got up, Demon had mopped the kitchen floor and had started picking up in the living room. She said that a First Responder fire truck was parked in the middle of the road at the end of our block, and had been there since 4:30. It was almost 7 at that time. We stepped out into the driveway to take a look, and couldn't see much.

Being time for food, we loaded up in the car and tried to drive down there to see what was going on. I know, I know....ambulance chasers r us. But they weren't actively involved in lifesaving....just sitting there.

What we found was a rather large section of greenery that used to occupy a much higher space. Apparently a tree came down onto a power line.

We turned around, stopped by a neighbor to explain what had happened, since they were out of town, and went to the store. The First Responder left while we'd been talking to the neighbor and the road was clear, so on the way home we drove past.

The tree that used to live there is no longer. And they were dammned lucky that the wind was blowing the direction it was, because it could have very easily fallen on the house.

The trunk on this tree had to be some 3 feet in diameter. It was not a small tree.


As for the Casa, we seem to have escaped damage for the most part. A few branches down, nothing major. But out by the shop is an old cottonwood tree. Most of it seems to still be there. The rest of it is in the creek, dangling from the tree itself.

If the tree is outside the back fence, then the city has to take care of it. If it's on our side of the fence, it's our responsibility.

I am praying it's on the city's side.
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Well, I got some errands accomplished. Virginia called and wanted to go to lunch. Since I had stuff to do, I said ok. I chose Braums. I think she wanted to go somewhere a little more expensive, but she wasn't offering to buy my lunch.

Went to my second bank. I have a savings account there. I asked about setting up a checking account for bill paying. The lady had very little clue and getting the answers I needed was like talking to lime jello. They are proud of their checking accounts. It takes $100 just to open one, and they want to keep a $100 balance. Never mind I've had a positive balance savings account for YEARS.

Gonna have to contemplate that....

I got henna for my hair. Now I just need to mix and color. But not right now.

Also got some anti-itch stuff for Kyree. We wandered around PetSmart for a while. I think I like Petco better. More animals, better toys, insects as well as reptiles.

I got TMF a couple of collars for his pirate boots. When he wears them pulled high, he uses dog collars as garters. I found a pair of royal blue collars with knotwork trim down the center.

I almost bought a shedding comb for the dogs, but the one I grabbed didn't have a price and when it rang up for $60 I about had a cow. I'll try a cheaper one first.

Right now I'm arguing with my head about the headache it seems to think we need. Sure, there's been some storms with another one darkening the skies now, and the barometric pressure is going wild. But that doesn't mean we WANT to have this headache.

I think it's time to ditch the shoes and belt, let the hair out of the ponytail, and take a nap here on the couch.


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