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Mar. 20th, 2009 01:49 pm
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Feb. 9th, 2009 01:09 pm
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Had to get up early for a meeting at work. Nothing major going on, just some minor changes. Different paperwork, some paperwork no longer required. YAY! Another reminder for people to pay attention to what they are doing. Lot's of mistakes with addition and balancing. Some issues with people forgetting to complete paperwork.

But considering that our job basically is adding, paperwork, and would think that yes, that would be where the mistakes come in.

We have a new General Manager. Very few people have seen him so far, but enough have that we know he does exist.


I think my body is trying to kill me. There's the yeast infection, my face has broken out like mad, and I woke this morning with a bunch of little bumps on my inner arm at the elbow bend. I'm hoping that I had my arms bent for a long period and that these are a sweat reaction.

I hope that because 2 of the night shift cashiers have recently had Staph infections. After my Staph infection back from my days at Happy Acres, I know I do not want to suffer from that again.

TMF just asked me about the yeastie beastie. I told him that the treatment is worse than the infection, or this infection at least.

I tried to explain the sensations.....I told him that if he had coated his penis in Vaseline, so it's nice and goopey, and then invited a bunch of crickets high on meth, over for a party where they promptly began dancing to Mexican Ooompah music making everything ITCH then he might have an idea of what this feels like. Oh, and the next morning the crickets started eating cayenne pepper straight from the bottle, so not only are you itchy you're on FIRE.

You guys wanted to know this, right?



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