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"You can't be in love with him!", I cried.

"In love with him", you replied.

"He'll never love you! He thinks only of himself! Please!"

"Please", you responded and shook your head sadly before walking away from me.

I hadn't been able to change your mind, no matter how hard I tried. You loved him with all your heart and he was a selfish, self centered bastard who acted like he didn't even know you existed. Every move of yours was rebuffed. He'd lead you along, like a faithful puppy, only to kick you away when the mood suited him.

And still I watched you go to him, begging him to see you, pleading with him to acknowledge you, parroting his hurtful words to yourself. And you never realized that I would have given up everything to be with you.

I was your friend only. I wanted more. I'd sit and hold you as you sobbed, your tears on my shoulder, I could feel your heartbeat against mine. Your music, once a delight to many had taken on a sad tone. You never sang anymore.

I watched you waste away without his love, like a flower without sunlight. And I raged within, while continuing my efforts to convince you to look elsewhere.

I could do nothing as your heart hardened to stone and that carefree girl withered and died.

That's when I began planning his death.

Narcissus would pay.


This is my entry for Week 3's topic "What has Narcissism got to do with me". So my brain played around with the story of Echo and Narcissus. Constructive crit always welcome.


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