Jan. 29th, 2017

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I was the firstborn child of Michael and Phyllis.

I was a child of five, feeling Anxiety for the first time. Not knowing why I had blind panic and the overwhelming thought to stab myself in the stomach with a steak knife that night.

I was a child of eleven, living in a foreign culture where blue eyes and blonde hair drew the stares and touches of strangers who did not speak my language.

I was a child of thirteen when I found my faith in the cycles of the moon. The faith that would shape my future.

I was a child of fifteen when my lying mind convinced me that I was in danger and had to hide behind closed doors. It's grip would mold my soul for years.

I was a child of twenty when I met someone who could calm the storms and soothe the waves within my mind. Not every time, but he would stand firm, an anchor, keeping me floating.

I was a child of twenty six when I stood on the shore of a lake, surrounded by family and friends, and pledged to love my anchor for as long as our hearts were together.

I was a child of thirty eight when my Mother passed from this world. And I cried like a newborn.

In July, I will become a child of forty three, and I have now become a sound.

I am the sound of a woman who must scream before her rights go backwards.

I am the sound of a Priestess, singing blessings to the moon.

I am the sound of a Shaman, calling the Elements.

I am the sound of a wife, a sister, an aunt, calling for justice for the women I love.

I am the sound of an American in a country that feels decidedly un-American.

I am the sound of a human in an inhumane world.

I am the sound of a divine spirit, having a very human experience.

A very wise friend told me recently, "We were born for these times."


Where am I from?

*I* am from many places.

I am from those people and experiences who have touched and shaped my life.

And I will continue to be a child as each new person and experience enters my world.


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