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On Saturday I participated in the Women's March, as so many did, around our country and around the world.

Initially I was confronted by people who accused me of joining "the rioters", during the inauguration. I didn't respond to those accusations, because I knew, in my heart, that we could have a peaceful demonstration about the issues behind the march, especially in my little Republican town.

As we started our 2.5 mile march, we had several people honking in support of us. We "outrageously" stayed on the sidewalks, so as not to disrupt traffic flow. We were "out of control" as we used crosswalks....and when the red hand popped up, stopped our march, waiting patiently for the signal to cross again.

Men, women, children, dogs.....we marched. We heard honks the entire way. People would wave from cars. We had people coming out of their businesses and filming us. Several would wave and shout encouragement to us. Amazingly, no windows were smashed, no cars were flipped, and nothing was set on fire.

We didn't even have a police escort.

As we marched, I took Live video on Facebook. I did make a sarcastic comment about how there was "a riot on Kemp St." I recorded the length of the march, and the people chanting and holding their signs. And, I posted these things on Facebook.

Within the 2 short hours that I was on the march, the comments began. I came home to a barrage of hatred, anger, and physical threats.

I was told that I "needed to make my husband a sandwich."

I was told to "get back in the kitchen."

I was told that we were lucky that "X person wasn't in the area, because he would have mowed us down with his truck."

By Sunday morning, one of my posts had reached 895 comments. And while there were a lot of people professing support....there were more who spewed hatred and anger.

I was shocked. I felt violated. I felt attacked by my countrymen. People who said that "Americans were the greatest people on earth." People who swore by the oath, "United We Stand." People who were adamant about protecting our Civil Rights.....especially the 2nd Amendment....

People who were enraged that a group of Americans would DARE to exercise their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT as guaranteed by the founders of our country.

I was told that "if I could not support our President, then I should move to another country."

I was told that "my opinion didn't matter."

I was told that I did not have "the right to body autonomy, but at the same time, that I had more rights than men."

A Facebook friend asked for clarification on what the Women's March was all about. He asked that the conversation be civil and informative.

The first three comments were:

"They're pissed about the cost of lunchmeat."

"They want the government to provide them with free tampons."

"They want the government to pay for their abortions two days before their due dates!"

One of those commenters was on *MY* friend's list!

Now, I'm not really shocked by having some of the anger and argumentative comments that I did. I actually expected it.

The country is more divided than ever, and has been for over a year. We've lost touch with each other. We're too busy pointing fingers at each other about why THEY are wrong to realize where WE factor in to the problem.

But, in a 3 day period, as I watched the country react to proposed cabinet nominees, to the inauguration of a man who has made statements that go against everything I believe in, to the new fun term, Alt-Facts, I realized I wasn't ready for the LEVEL of HATE that I faced. From complete strangers. From people I *KNEW*.

People I trusted.


Not just anger. Not just differing positions. Not just pro-life vs. pro-choice.

These people HATED me.

I couldn't put a word to what I was feeling. For 3 days, I was on the edge of tears, every day. Many of my friends circled the wagons around me, voiced their support and pride in my participation in marching. They showed me love.

But, when you have such an overwhelming wave of is very hard to hear the love.

I am an American. I enjoy privileges that so many in our country and around the world cannot even know. I "Hold these truths to be self evident...."

And I am HATED for my love of the freedoms of my country. I am hated for speaking out about my thoughts and feelings about this "Land of the Free".
I feel betrayed....on such a deep level.....and by my own country.
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