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When we have love in our lives, we fear its loss. Without the experience of Fear, perhaps we cannot truly experience of Love.


~As children on our first day of school, we would cling to our mother....afraid of entering something new, afraid of the loss of her constant Love.

~When we were school age children, and we had the Love of a best friend, we feared losing them as we both grew and found new interests, and being alone.

~When we had our first boy/girlfriend, we were "in love", and because of lack of romantic experienced, we feared losing that Love to someone else, to time, to the unknown.

~As we grew, we recalled all of the criticism from people who had passed in and out of our lives. Ex-relationships, people who said cruel things to us, bullying as a child. And we feared the ability to have Self-Love.....because, if we did not achieve that....then it would just be confirmation of all of those hurtful moments. That we were Unlovable.

~As we moved out into the world, unsure, with our wings not quite ready to soar, we began to question....what if I never meet my "Mr./Miss Right"? And we feared a lack of Love.

~Then, when we found a person with whom we fell in Love, we grasped it tight. We nurtured it, we watered it so it would grow strong and healthy, but, we always had a fear of a storm that would tear our care and work apart.

~As we grew older, we watched our relatives grow old and pass from our lives. We watched our loving stability disappear. As we lost our loved ones, and watched the others growing older, we feared losing that Love that was always present in our lives.

~And, as we grew older, with Love in our life, we looked at our spouse, lover, soul mate, and feared the future. The "What if's".....what if the worst happened? What if we lost them, and we were alone. We feared a loss of Love.

~Fear is the heart of Love. Jalaluddin Rumi wrote, "Love is fearless in the midst of the sea of fear." But, they both exist within each other.


Fear may be the heart of Love,
but every time we Love it gives us the ability to conquer Fear -
but only after we conquer our fear of being Loved
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